“What would you get if you add Rainbow with a touch of Spyce, you get Rainbow Lounge.” (In Rugged Man’s Voice) – That was the 1st stinger we heard as we tune to Rainbow 94.1fm earlier today to listen to Spycy.

This Port-Harcourt grown Aquarius, is lovely, witty, honest, real and original.
A native of Mbieri in Imo State and yes!!! She is Nigerian!!!
Spycy, born Stella Dike, on the 27th day of January, in a certain year, attended the Staff Nursery & Primary School of FGC, PH and went on to have her secondary education in Federal Government College, Port Harcourt. After there, got admitted into Imo State University, Owerri, where she acquired her B.Sc. Business Management.
Always had great passion for radio, music and entertainment. Little wonder, she never practiced what she had studied in school. Instead, she set out to start building a career in Broadcasting.
Her career on radio kicked off when she started out as an OAP on Cool fm, Port-Harcourt in 2009.
It was a dream come true but she wasn’t ready to settle in what some may call a ‘small market’ and this spurred her to make a move into the Lagos market.

Of course, this got her leaving Cool fm, hence, Port-Harcourt in 2011 and relocating to Lagos where she continued as a Radio Personality, this time, on Rainbow 94.1 fm.

What makes her happy?
Spycy loves to reach out and impart lives. (still do …chuckles).

Her interests include: music, dancing, movies (mostly, IQ challenging movies – detective, spy, also epic and horror movies), reading (mostly, spy and detective novels), writing and not forgetting: shopping!
Loves the internet, partying, travelling and meeting people.
Loves the art of facial make-up … looking smashing at all times is very important business, as a lady, you know…
Her pets remain her fingernails … for real! (laughs)

Favourite Quotes:
When you believe in yourself, you give others the permission to believe in you.
We are products of our experiences.
You can catch her on RAINBOW LOUNGE (12noon-4pm; Monday-Thursday) and WORK IT (8pm-11pm; Saturday) on Rainbow94.1fm.
Twitter: @Spycystar
Facebook: Spycystar
This delectable radio diva is one to look out for as she always comes up on your radio to spice up your day.
She didn’t get here overnight, though.
Spycy, short for Spycystar was born STELLA DIKE on the 27th day of January (in a certain year).
She fell in love with radio while in school, although she was studying Business Management, at the time, in Imo State University, Owerri.
Graduating from school at quite an early age, she decided to give it a try as she got her very first gig on Cool 95.9 fm, Port Harcourt in 2009.
It was a dream come true for the young Aquarius and she didn’t take the platform forgranted as she seized every opportunity to learn as much as she could, about the job … on the job.
She started making waves almost immediately on the airwaves in Port Harcourt, but after about two years, she got hungry for more and set out to invade the Lagos market.
This diva found herself in Lagos, 2011 and realized the industry isn’t as rosy as she thought, but that didn’t stop her. It may have discouraged her a bit but she just wasn’t yet to throw in the towel as she kept pushing.
While in a sort of ‘hiatus’ from radio, she discovered something else she could do with her God-given VOICE – radio jingles, radio dramas and even screen acting.
Now, she wasn’t able to land an acting gig, but she got to voice some jingles and voice some characters in some radio dramas, but guess what…these didn’t satisfy her as her actual aim was getting back on radio.
So, she kept pushing – ‘eyes on the prize’ and suddenly towards the end of 2012, it happened! … She landed another gig on the radio! This time, Rainbow 94.1 fm.

Get a feel of her spice as she dishes on ‘Rainbow Lounge’ (12noon-2pm; Monday-Thursday) and trust me, you just can’t get enough of her so, she comes right back Saturday night on ‘Work It’ (8pm-11pm; Saturday) on Rainbow 94.1 fm.
When Spycy is not on the radio, making YOU happy, she watches movies (mostly, IQ challenging movies – detective, spy, also epic and horror movies).
Spycy loves to travel, meet people, browse the internet, listen and dance to music … and yes! She loves shopping!
Spycy is a Voice-over artiste, as well and she writes scripts.
Follow her on TWITTER; @Spycystar …on FACEBOOK; Stella SpycyStar Dike


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