Is Kate Henshaw Thinking About Death?


According to Daily Times Post,  celebrity actress, Kate Henshaw may be drowning herself in thoughts of death. But let her not even think of doing anything stupid because life goes on no matter what.

Kate got into some question and answer session with fans on Twitter and they got talking about the pains of divorce and being a single mum.

While some fans advised it was best for her to be alone that go through pain and allow her daughter  see her being abused everyday, some said they didn’t support divorce.

Few said running away from the problem isn’t going to solve the problem and guess what Kate’s reply was?

“But death will shaay?”

Oh dear, that’s heart breaking. We just hope she isn’t thinking something terrible. There are loads going on with our celebs beyond the covering of fame fortune and the smiles. So someone please help her o.

I Use Sex Toys For Masturbation Everyday -Maheeda

Maheeda who recently appear on Rainbow FM Morning Show is actually raw in action and words. In an interview granted by NET she talked about growing up, her music, her man, sex and other issues.


When the reporter asked her whether she’s now in her comfort zone, she said “yes”. Her comfort zone  means enough sex, attention, boys, music and modelling- all which are present in her life at the moment.

Are you in your comfort zone now?

Yes! I would say that, because I’m a crazy person, I love sex, I love attention, I love boys, I love music, I love attention, I love modelling. Everything that I love is what I’m doing.

You love sex? How much do you love it?

A lot… I’m addicted to sex, and I have to have sex everyday.
When asked how many times she has sex in a day, she said atleast once. And even when there isn’t a guy around, she uses sex toys to masturbate.
How many times do you have sex in a day?

At least once everyday, and if there’s no guy around me, I’ll help myself by masturbating. I have a lot of sex-toys; in fact, I’m a regular customer. It’s like food to me, and you have to eat. It is very healthy and it gives you the right curves and my body is used to it.


You mean your body needs sex to function normally?

Yes! Sometimes I just squirt, like when am having sex, and because I am used to it and my body needs it.


Culled from DailyTimesNews