5 Countries Where You Don’t Want to Smoke Pot


Visiting other countries is a great experience that everyone should do, but there are some countries where smoking weed is a really bad idea. Here’s our top five.

1. Singapore
Singapore flag
If you ever go to the tiny island city – state, forget about weed. Possession will cost you up to 10 years in prison, while trafficking can lead to the death penalty. They’re not screwing around. And even if you somehow sniff out some green stuff, it’ll be the schwaggiest garbage you’ve ever stuffed into your lungs. Just say no.

2. People’s Republic of China 
China Flag
China executes thousands of people every year. A few hundred of those executions stem from trafficking drugs like heroin, meth and weed. The quality of bud may have improved in recent years, but China is still a third-world country in terms of product. Are you really going to risk prison or worse for some mids?

3. U.A.E.
UAE Flag
Common trend here: the death penalty. In 2012, a British man and a Syrian man, aged 21 and 19 respectively, were sentenced to death for allegedly trying to sell an undercover around 20 grams of bud. Smoking can carry a heavy prison sentence, too.

4. South Korea
So. Korea Flag
If you have THC in your system while in South Korea, you could be in deep shit. The presence of THC in urine or hair is enough to put you behind bars for at least a few months. If you’re a Korean citizen, you can be jailed and fined for smoking even while you’re outside the country. Crown J, a Korean rapper, received eight months in prison plus fines for lighting up in the US.

5. Syria
Syria flag
Syria’s not exactly a place you want to be right now for reasons that far supersede issues of marijuana legality and punishment. Still, we’d be remiss not to include it on this list. Before war broke out, marijuana infractions of any level could carry sentences of up to life in prison. War has increased tensions surrounding the drug, as locals who had begun growing plants as a means of supporting local economies affected by the war have faced violent, sometimes lethal drug raids.

Credit: HighTimes


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