Man Invents Pill To Make Farts Smell Like Chocolate, Flowers

An adorable French inventor known as Mr. Poincheval wants your farts to smell better.
And so, he’s invented pills, all made out of natural ingredients, that make your farts smell like chocolate or roses.

cute guy

The idea came to Poincheval during a big dinner with his friends that suddenly took a turn for the smelly. The smell of Poincheval’s friends’ farting became so overwhelming that they couldn’t take it anymore. It’s kind of beautiful if you think about it — a dozen old men and women with out of control flatulence farted so much one night that one of lives was changed forever.

Yeah, there’s a lot of turmoil out there in the great big ‘ole world. Fast food workers are striking in 160 cities against an ever-widening wealth gap between rich and poor, the nation is alive with protests against systemic police brutality, the world consensus of scientists says we have to stop driving and building new buildings now if we don’t want the world to be a desert hell-scape in 30 years, but hey! Listen! Tonight, when you lay in bed with your girlfriend or boyfriend, know that when you rip ass next to them, for the first time ever … they’ll thank you for it. And that, my friends, is progress.

What do you wish your farts would smell like? Let us know in the comments below!


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