Multi-instrumentalist, Musician, Composer, Pioneer Of The Afro-Beat Music Genre. The place of this great legend in history is at the top of the echelons. Around the world, He has been placed side by side along legends like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Elvis Presley. His works and art would forever be a mark in the world and the hall of fame, A Nigerian that lead a path in music others would come to follow.
17 years after is death,  A younger generation of artiste and musicians has emerged and are quite following the paths and trend he has left behind. It is these artiste that might as well get to be legends in the future and are also having some similarities with the legend Fela, That  would be named.
We would be looking at five artiste that might be legends. And the criteria for picking these artiste are:
1.Style Of Music- Although every artiste on this list didn’t create their own genre as Fela did but they carry and embody Afro-Beat with their unique style imbued into it and as so give us something more urban and recent
2.Power House; Fela was known for is bands and the famous Africa Shrine which is the center piece of every thing Fela even till this day. Africa Shrine was the place where Fela mostly performed and as well can be called his label considering the fact that that’s what we call a home for artiste these days
3.Local And International Recognition: Fela was kown world wide, Outside of the shore of Africa and beyond, He performed in all major cities all around the world.
Now that we have cleared the air based on the criteria for selecting these 5 acts, Lets divulge the names and list these artiste.

One of Africa beloved, Is not only on this list as number one because he is loved but he has all the attributes in the criteria and even more. A unique style of music and performance on stage as well as the most respected artiste on the list. 2 face has a unique style of Soul/R&B/Afro-Hiphop combined to give listeners that appeal that makes you ask for more. He has his own power house(Label)called Hypertek which also houses younger acts like Dammy Krane. And 2 Face Idibia is well recognized around the world. He has worked with a lot of international acts as well as bagged international awards. No doubt 2 Face Idibia might end up legendary as Fela.

Beside the fact that this artiste mentor is the late Fela, And he has try to emulate  his steps in every way. D Banj has set a lot of standards other acts would come to follow. Once under the power house of Mo Hitz with his then producer Don Jazzy, D Banj has always shown that being an artiste under an umbrella is quite needed. Although he had a fallout with Mo Hitz, D Banj created his own house called DB Records and also was affiliated with Kanye West Good Music Family. D Banj had Created a style over time in the span of his career that has been embraced by both fans and the entire music industry. A blend of Afro and an uptempo dance fusion, D Banj is one of the most exceptional acts in the music industry today in naija. Unique in style and also a instrumentalist, He is amazing playing the harmonica.  D Banj recognition around Africa and the world is quite massive, Bagging awards like the MTV, BET And World Music Awards, D Banj has also collaborated with heavy players of the World. He has worked with Artiste like Kanye, Snoop Dogg And Big Sean. D Banj who is very much relevant in the music business still has more under his sleeves and might just end up being a Legend like Fela,

Young, Innovative and a pioneer for the new generation, Wizkid has his name is quite the genius. Coming to fame and becoming a household name in less than 5 years of his career, Wizkid is on top of the food chain. Mentored by Banky W at the very start of his career, Wizkid has moved on, Letting us know is no more the kid and now can stand on his own. Star Boy which is the name of his label and power house, Has other acts which it house. Wizkid though new with his house, just release an album under this label. And he is also affiliated to Konvict Music Africa which is owned by the renowned African-American artiste Akon. Starting under EME and tutelage of Banky W, He crafted a style the new generation Nigeria acts embrace and emulates. A fusion of Afro-Beat mixed in uptempo dancehall rhythm. Wizkid is well recognized all around the world, He has worked and collaborated with international acts such as Akon and Chris Brown and also has won and gotten nominated  in  international awards like the MTV, BET And Channel O. Wizkid is one of the very act that might go down in history as a Legend like Fela.
A young and amazing artiste, Davido stomped the industry and left everybody in awe… He has risen to the top in less than 5 years giving his fans hits after hits back to back. With  a unique style of Afro-Blended with the contemporary  hippie fused into his music, Davido has thrilled the world with his voice and sure has land marked his style in the naija hall of fame. Putting up his power house called H.K.N as far back as his inception, Davido has always carry his house on his back.. Housing his cousin B Red and others,,, Davido house is well on deck and is moving fast onto the top of the echelon. Known all around Africa and beyond its shore, Davido has been nominated and won various awards local and internationally.

Next on the list does not exactly have all the criteria as well as others but his fast paced career has given him a place here on the list. A rapper and well not that much of a lyricist, Olamide rise to glory is based mostly on his rag to riches story he narrates in his music. A style accepted by mostly people from the street, Olamide spits in his local dialect of yoruba and pidgin english, Carrying the hustler spirit in mind and standing as mirror for other ghetto hustlers, Olamide has been a voice for the street since the passing out of his mentor Da Grin. YBNL which is the name of his power house is also home for other new acts like Lil Kesh and Viktor. Olamide is very serious with his music and the way he is going about it, He might end up in time as a legend like  Fela. Although hasn’t won international awards like the others on the list but he has gotten nominated. Olamide is well received taking home awards locally and his fast paced career is on that is very bright.
This list is compiled without no Bias and is just an opinion which don’t suggest it really counts. You can either accept the list as it is or opt out and create yours. SUGGESTIONS and OPINIONS are welcomed.. Just drop a comment on the comment box and get involved.
Credit: 9JA REVIEW

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