7 Tips On How To Supercharge Your Penis To Be Bigger And Stronger

We know every man out there loves it if their lady tells them they have a strong and beautiful penis and that their sexual performance is awesome, if not amazing.

So today, we will be revealing to you 7 tips on how to supercharge your penis to hear those words more often.

Tip #1: Physical And Emotional Health

Your first most important task in order to improve your sexual prowess, is to revitalize your health emotionally and physically.

Good health is the fundamental of a well functioning penis, beneficial semen and a high sex drive. Without physical and emotional health, you won’t have a high sex drive, in fact, low sex drive is always an indication for physical ailment or mental ailment.

To get physically in shape, start by improving your diet. Minimize the intake of fried diary products, processed foods and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Drink 3 litres of water everyday and exercise. Look into your emotional health, mental stress is a huge factor to erectile dysfunction. Look into and evaluate your stress level and emotional health.

Tip #2: Increase The Size And Sensibility Of Your Penis

The right kind of massage in combination with the right kind of herbs, with a little bit of discipline from your side will help you increase your penis size.

This knowledge is not very common in today’s world but it has been an ancient tradition. It has been practiced for thousand of years. The penis is primarily a mass of erectile tissues comprising of three fibrous cylindrical tubes, placed side by side from the shaft of the penis and when these fill with blood, an erection is produced. The two largest chambers on the left and on the right side of the penis are called, the Corpora Cavernosa and the smaller one in the center of the penis is called Corpus Spongiosum.

The length and girth of the penis are primarily determined by the Corpora Cavernosa since erections are simply the engorgement of the penis by blood. The more room you make for the blood, the larger and longer and thicker the penis becomes.

It’s very much like a process of expanding and strengthening any body muscle and we are not saying that a bigger penis is always better, but this method sure would help you to get a better relationship and to be better in tune with your penis and these in turn will help you to have a better body confidence and will help you to have a better self confidence.

Tip #3: Testicle Massage

Men, you have another super magical thing on your body, which are your balls or better named, your testicles. Massaging your testicles will help you to provide more testosterone. It will help you to strengthen your erections and increase seminal fluids for semen and heighten your sexual energy.

Another thing that’s very helpful, is to massage your seminal ducts.

Tip #4: Masturbate Less Frequent

In case you didn’t know, masturbation desensitizes your “magic wand”.

During sex, especially for a man above 30 years, it gets more difficult each year to maintain an erection, if the partner you’re with is not applying the exact pressure, movement and speed that you’re used to doing your own masturbation. It’s also a fact that during masturbation, you will have a pretty intense orgasm and as a result, you might not be able to have orgasm when you are with your partner.

Here’s an interim solution for you;

Masturbate often as you like to but only up to the point of stimulation and not up to the point of ejaculation. This will help you to increase your sexual energy, increase the amount of sexual fluids, strengthens your erections and it also helps to reverse much of the desensitizing that might have occurred in the past.

One thing, never watch porn and masturbate. Porn has some pretty nasty effect on your sexual energy and staying in power.

Tip #5: Increase Your Sexual Power

There is some extremely and powerful herbs out there which can help you to increase your sexual energy and your stamina. The most easily available herb out there is ginger.

Ginger increase the blood circulation in the whole body and it’s extremely beneficial to the penis and groin. The other interesting herbs to look into are, Saw Palmetto, Yohimbe, Maca and Ginseng.

All these herbs can enhance blood flow to the penis, expand the blood vessels and enlarge the Corpora Cavernosa in the penis shaft to increase your sexual energy.

Besides those herbs, it will be extremely beneficial to your sexual energy if you limit your intake of coffee, cigarettes, diary and sugar.

Tip #6: Increase Your Endurance Power

We know there is nothing worse for a lot of men out there, than not being able to have a full erection or to be able to maintain an erection until climax.

A lot of men also deal with the problem of premature ejaculation, leaving their partners unsatisfied. So being able to maintain an erection longer is a crucial part to be able to have a fulfilling sexual encounter with your partner.

So here is our tip for you;

If you sense your climax is coming too fast, then try to apply the following technique;

While the penis is erected, place the index finger and thumb of the left hand around the base of the penis shaft, applying firm pressure with the index finger against the lower part of the underside of the penis. With the index finger and the thumb of the right hand, squeeze the tip of the penis 36 times.

Tip #7: Make Your Semen Better By Increasing The Quantity, Taste And Odor

Have you ever looked at your semen, ever tasted it or smelt it? If you haven’t, then we encourage you to do so next time.

To most women, it’s super important how your semen taste, smell and the quantity of your semen. To most women, that’s not on the conscious level, it’s rather on the subconscious level but it’s still very important.

If your semen is thick, wide and has a mildly taste and odor, then you are one lucky and healthy guy. But if your semen taste rather bitter, salty and looks a little bit grayish and if it’s rather watery and clear, then this is a sign of an illness or too much dissipation or sometimes too much alcohol.

In this case, you really want to improve your semen by exercising more, by eating healthier food options and also of course by looking into your mental health. You can also make your semen taste better by eating fresh cinnamon, licorice root or pineapple. Try to avoid diary products and sugar. It will make your semen taste rancid and bitter.

And there’s another super important point a lot of men out there don’t know, that the amount of semen that you ejaculate during climax have a huge impact of how a woman sees you. If you ejaculate a lot of semen when you climax, most women think on the subconscious level that you have a high virility and this again might make her feel better about her own sexual capabilities which again will lead maybe to the fact that she might initiate more sex with you.

You can increase your amount of semen by applying the already mentioned testicle massage or by decreasing the amount of dissipation and also by masturbating only up to the point of stimulation and not ejaculation.


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