10 Great Music Business Ideas & Tips


Do you make music? . Are you serious about gaining new fans? Then you need to know the Ins and Outs of the Music Industry.
Here are 10 facts for you as a professional and an aspiring acts.

1. Always think yourself as a brand that needs to be defined, marketed, and protected. Remember, Talent is good. But hard-work soon overtakes talent that does not work. Keep working!

2. If your career is in music, know when to be businesslike. Have star quality, but don’t be a big-head. Let people know you are professional and have the ability to be a long lasting star in the biz.

3. If you feel that you don’t really have time to do the marketing yourself, hire someone to do it for you.

4. Don’t make your music to be “better than” the next artist. Focus on creating your own sound.

5. Don’t feel the need to sign to a record label unless there’s a good deal on the table. You can go independent.

6. Your music needs to be HEARD! Keep it organic, if it resonates with the people they will spread the word about your music!

7. Sometimes it costs money to get people to help you out. If you need the help and it can get results, pay for it.

8. How do you stand out from the thousands of musicians doing the same type of music as you? Use that as leverage to attract new fans.

9. By paying close attention to the world we live in, what moves people in their daily lives you can learn to craft powerful songs.

10. A bad audio engineer can ruin your song .. Make sure your working with one that understands your sound and give people what they want. It’s all about the fans.




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